Our Story

BOTE Innovations was founded by Eric Nutsch in 2009 during the US housing bubble recession. Having graduated Boise State University with a mechanical engineering degree, Eric started the business doing computational fluid dynamics with open source software. After a couple years Eric returned to W-2 jobs keeping BOTE Innovations alive for side projects. In 2019 Eric was able to go full-time at the business again providing engineering consulting services as a Professional Engineer. Today, in addition to engineering services, BOTE Innovations also manufactures chemical metering systems and is constantly developing new products for manufacture.

 is the acronym for Back OThe Envelope. Back of the envelope innovations are quick, simplified, and unrestricted. Scribbled on the back of scratch paper or envelopes, the markings quickly record, communicate, or analyze the feasibility of an idea. Unnoticed by many, these tattered pieces of paper are often the most powerful tool in idea development.

BOTE Innovations is dedicated to the development and implementation of new ideas, process improvement, system troubleshooting, and new product development.